Google Tasks review: Still more to do

Google Tasks review: Still more to do

Google is taking another stab at putting together a coherent to-do list app by breaking off Tasks into a full, standalone service, complete with its own mobile apps and deep integration into the new Gmail redesign.

The new app is like a fresh coat of paint for the long-neglected Tasks built-in to Gmail, with a crisp, cleaner UI and the aspirations (at least on paper) to serve as a central hub for all your to-do items. Unfortunately, while Google may have made Tasks look better than ever, underneath the new facade is the same patchwork mess of missing features and competing services that it’s always been.

Let’s start with the good first, though. Along with the new look — which feels like an updated take on Google’s Material Design formula, with more sliding menus and use of the Google Pixel’s Product Sans font throughout the apps — the biggest thing Tasks has going for it is the impressive Gmail integration. The updated web version of Gmail now includes Tasks as a sidebar that’s available at any time, and you can drag and drop emails on them to turn them into to-do list items. Given that I’m the kind of person who already uses my inbox as a secondary, ad-hoc to-do list, being able to better organize and track that process straight from the site is useful.




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